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Dr. Vandana V.
Year of Publish -2015 Month - January
ISBN : - 978-1-312-36562-9
M.A., B.Ed, LL.B (spl), PGDT., PhD
English Literature
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The present volume is a slightly revise version of a thesis submitted and approved for the Ph.D. degree of the Karnatak University, Dharwad in 2012. Edgar Allan Poe remains unique in American Literature. A lonely, poverty, str icken genius, he conquered every field of writing, which he touched. He was first notable American Critic. His tales range from farcical through the satir ical to the highly ser ious known now to have what Poe himself called ‘under currents of meaning’ the comical and satir ical tales have received little critical attention, but they serve nevertheless to demonstrate not only Poe’s versality but also his concern with contemporary life. Poe is the inventor of the modern mystery story. His detective fictions are called ‘rationative tales.’ His tales explores the Gothic elements like death, lost love, decay, mystery, macabre, suspense, fallen state of man, abnormal state of mind, castles, old buildings and murder. I study the tales of Poe because it is his tales that have made him a house hold name among the English speaking people. In same measure Poe receives his fame from his poetry, which to him was ‘not a purpose but a passion.’ Some of his appeal also comes from his literary criticism. But the highest fame of Poe comes from his tales. The present study is a modest effort to discuss the gothic conventions in Poe’s tales. Beyond all this Poe was a man of many talents and skills. He was something detector himself, rather like his character Mr. Dupin.

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