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Comprehension and Communicative Skills in English
Dr. Vandana V
Year of Publish -2014 Month - October
ISBN : - 978-1-312-57724-4
M.A., B.Ed, LL.B. (spl), PGDT., PhD
Download : - ****


The Practical Manual is designed facilitate Functional grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking comprehension in modest way. It is mainly based on comprehension questions, exercises and tasks ranging from simple to complex. The reading component in the practical manual is aimed at developing reading comprehensive skill. The practical manual also contains exercises on reference, listening, writing and speaking comprehension skills, which are in tune with contemporary language use. They are self - help tasks and teachers are welcome to develop these tasks further to suit the requirements of the learners. It is a modest attempt to incorporate the changing trends in English teaching and learning programme at the B.Sc. (Hort.) degree level. The main object is to make teaching and learning activities more focused, interactive and lively. The suggested activity in the present Practical Manual is meant for encouraging role-play and developing language skills. Depending on classroom ability, more such task can be set to encourage the creativity of the learners.

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