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Gautam Patikar
Year of Publish -2014 Month - December
ISBN : - 978-1-312-45512-2
Gautam Patikar (M.Com, Ph.D) is a senior faculty in the Department of Commerce, Nagaland University, Kohima. He secured First Class First in M.Com. from the North eastern Hill University, and obtained Ph.D degree from the Nagaland University. He is a life member of Indian Commerce Association. He has participated in several international and national seminars and conferences. He has also contributed a good numbers of papers in journals of repute and edited volumes.
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It is now more than half-century public sector bus passenger transport has been operating in India. Over the years especially after the economic reforms initiated in the country the debate on the issue of privatization of road transport sector received special attention. This is mainly because most of the state-owned road transports in India failed to make any significant improvement despite being under government control. Poor financial performance of public sector road transport has been the main cause of worry for most of the State Government. The mounting losses suffered by State-owned Road Transport exerted heavy pressure on the fiscal position of the respective Governments. Apart from financial performance, the Physical Performance of most of the State-Owned Road Transport does not reflect a very good picture. Added to this, inefficient management of Public sector road Transport becomes a matter of concern. Since the passenger amenities and benefits have a greater significance in deciding the mix between the private and public transport operators, passengers’ preference increase with increase in the amenities and comfort provided by the respective operators. As such it is imperative to know the opinion of the passengers in preferring a particular transport operator and the level of their satisfaction. The result of such a survey would be of valuable contribution to the policy-makers in Government and authorities in formulating a proper transport policy. The present book throws light on the performance of Nagaland State Transport. It also provides a comparative study between Nagaland State Transport (NST) and other Private Bus operators in the State of Nagaland with regard to passengers’ preference and satisfaction.

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