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Modulations of spleen and thymus function(s) in Indian goat Capra hircusby melatonin and different hormones: An in vivo and in vitro study
Somenath Ghosh
Year of Publish -2016 Month - February
ISBN : - 978-1-329-89370-2
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The ruminants are the most primitive animals to be domesticated by human being from the time unknown. They were not only domesticated by the ancient civilized man for the need of minimizing labor (in terms of ploughing or pulling carts) but also for differential need of every day livelihood like meat, milk, skin and hair. Themain reason behind goats’ popularity is the low rearing cost of this animal and their higher adaptability to a number of harsh and unfavorable conditions without any physiological complication. The main physiological process which has made the goats successful survivors under stressful condition is the management of immunity and reproduction under variable environmental conditions. The first is needed for survival of the animals and the latter is of extreme use for perpetuation of species.

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