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‘The Role of Public Sector’s Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam(GMVN)in the Garhwal region
Year of Publish -2016 Month - June
ISBN : - 978-1-365-16141-4
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It is generally accepted that travel and tourism is one of the world’s highest growth sectors in the new century. Tourism is now one of the most rapidly increasing industries of the world. The nineteenth century dictionary defines tourist as “people who travel for pleasure of traveling, out of curiosity; and because they have nothing better to do,’’ and even “for the joy of boasting about it afterwards”. According to Herman Von Schullard “The sum total of operation mainly of a economic nature which is directly, mainly of economic nature and which directly relate to the entry, stay and movement of foreigner inside and outside of a sudden country, city or region is known as tourism”. According to Dr. Zivadin Jaovic “It is a social movement with a view to rest, diversions and satisfaction of cultural needs”. The International Union of Official Travel Organisation (IUOTO), now called World Tourism organization (WTO), has defined tourist as a temporary visitor staying for at least twenty four hours in a country

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