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Year of Publish -2016 Month - June
ISBN : - 978-1-365-29427-3
Dr. Rupendra R. Gaikwad is a science graduate from University of Mumbai and MBA from Savitribai Phule Pune University
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All over the world, marketing mix strategies have been proved as a very effective tool for better sustainability of any business. But knowledge of marketing mix strategies is almost nil among fruit processors. The fruit processors process the fruits to add a little value into it and also make them more palatable, durable, attractive and tastier. Not only that but also they can make processed fruit products available throughout the year for perennial sales even though the fruits are available seasonally. India is the second largest fruit producer in the world but when it comes to processing, we are at bottom of the chart. The marketing mix strategies can be adopted effectively and also can be applied at global level for exports of processed fruit products. The segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies are also equally important strategies for the improved sustainability, viability, profitability and growth of the business. The problems of fruit processors can be studied from this book. Once the problems are known, it will be easier for the policy makers to design most suitable policies for this industry. Some gaps were identified in the development of this business. Those gaps are information gap, marketing research gap, training gap and policy initiatives gap. Few suggestions are also given to bridge up these gaps. These suggestions can be implemented effectively to globalize the fruit processing industry.

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