About Us-

iSaRa Solutions a new generation company that understands business and the bottom line and provide customized end to end solutions to Corporates as well as individuals.

iSaRa Solutions is committed to building lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results.

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  • CrossRef DOI – Facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of sponsored members/organizations
  • Similarity Check – Plagiarism check through iThenticate screening
  • Crossmark – Crossmark gives readers quick and easy access to the current status of a piece of content. With one click, you can see if content has been updated, corrected or retracted and access valuable additional metadata provided by the publisher

iSaRa IT Solutions We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore software development to deliver premium quality services and products to our clients at affordable cost.

iSaRa Education Solutions provide on stop shop to enhance the management skills of students, government agencies, NGO organizations, and others in the corporate sector.

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