Wheatgrass (Wheat Grass)

Common name: Wheatgrass (Wheat Grass)
Botanical Latin Name / Classification: Triticum Aestivum
Diet occupies an important place during sickness and healthy condition. The father of modern medical science and the great Greek philosopher Hippocrates rightly said - “Let thy food be thy medicine”. Our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself if provided proper nutrition, environment and exercise.

Wheat Grass is renowned for its therapeutic value since ancient times. It is represented in Naturopathy, the ancient art of healing, also referred to as ‘drugless therapy’. The beneficial nutrients naturally obtained from Wheatgrass help promote health and healing.
In today’s modern times, making the availability of Wheat Grass in Powder form has made its benefits accessible to needy people worldwide.


Helps overcome nutrition deficiencies.
l Helps improve natural immune (resistance) system.
l Powerful natural antioxidant . Helps resolves foul odors of breath and sweat.
l Helps in blood purification and to balance Hemoglobin production.
l Helps in combating Thalassemia and Anemia.    
l Helps resolves digestion related problems such as Constipation, Acidity, Piles, Colitis, Ulcers, Diabetes, Kidney malfunction etc.
l Acts as a very effective energizer and health rejuvenator.
l Helps overcome skin disorders and to improve skin / muscle tone.
l Benefits the body cells, glands, hair, lungs, kidneys, liver, muscles, spleen and teeth.
l Helps in combating diseases such as Cancer, BP, Menstrual Problems, Paralysis, Leukemia, Arthritis, Insomnia, Asthma, etc.
l Highly effective for weight loss / gain along with diet plans.
l Paste of Wheatgrass Powder with milk applied like a face pack helps overcome skin problems such as Acne, Black / White heads, freckles, skin tan / burn, etc.
l And the list goes on………… 
Naturopathy diet plans for a few prominent health problems such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Obesity, Weight gain, Acidity, Thalassemia, Anemia & Piles are given in the product manual ‘’Wheatgrass – Natures gift to mankind’ available with distributors.

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