If you are an independent software vendor and you believe your services can be integrated or used in combination with any of our products or services to deliver added value, iSaRa looks forward to discussing the possibilities of partnering with you.

We offer:

  • An opportunity to offer your solutions to new and existing clients
  • Support to facilitate your solutions - from research to delivery
  • Our domain expertise and varied skill sets, which, as an independent software vendor, you might not possess

As a iSaRa Partner, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Wider reach of your services and solutions
  • Referencing through our web site
  • Leveraging our capabilities by integrating our products or services with yours
  • Joint development initiatives
  • Full technical support
  • Access to our skills set and solutions expertise

We believe that end-user solutions will engage numerous systems and several matching technologies. Through these alliances we expect to receive projects that may be beyond your scope in terms of technology or size or both.

Partner with us to access our development support and collaborative go-to-market initiatives. iSaRa provides you the opportunity to increase your competitive industry differentiation and decrease your costs. We aim to build everlasting mutual relationships with you.

For more information please Contact us.

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