iSaRa'S OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING MODEL (Minimum Risk - Maximum Success)

iSaRa is a global Solution provider with a worldwide network and development centers in the India. We help businesses succeed and gain competitive advantage through effective use of information technology.
Isara Solutions Why Outsource to iSaRa?

Offshore Outsourcing with iSaRa accomplishes more than just cost savings. Offshore Outsourcing can help your organization meet strategic business objectives bringing about a fundamental positive shift in the business process.

Our Global Software Delivery Model helps to step up cost savings and deal with the ever-increasing demand for your business to advance the speed and proficiency of your IT services, with the following benefits:

  • Considerable Cost Advantage - Our Offshore Software Development cuts your operational cost up to 50% compared to the cost for the same or similar service in your geographical area.

  • Faster Lead Times - iSaRa clients can utilize our state-of-the-art infrastructure at our offshore development center to instantly mobilize the man-power to start any new project. Offshore teams can be swiftly assigned tasks, shortening the lead time for the project start-up.

  • World Class Quality Service Offerings- The quality of iSaRa services are second to none. We develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients in the field of Offshore IT Outsourcing and maintain those relationships forever.

  • Generate Revenues with New Service Offerings - iSaRa offers you the flexibility of reselling our capabilities in addition to concentrating on your core competence. With our specialization in eCommerce solutions, we enable you to offer complete business solutions, bringing in additional revenues and ultimately strengthening your competitive market position.

  • Faster Time to Market - By supplementing your organization with discriminatory talent in remote locations, technology solutions are executed faster. You realize your payback faster.

  • Leverage Our Expertise - Personnel is typically an organization's largest expense. Replacing your investment in personnel with Offshore Outsourcing Services is a major cost effective strategy. Our Global Software Delivery Model allows you to dramatically cut your IT costs without any decrement in quality or service levels.

Isara Solutions Quality Assurance

uses cutting edge quality procedures and models to ensure the excellence of its applications at all stages of development.


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