India emerged as a software service exporter in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the country's transition from centralized planning to a market-oriented economy. Today Indian companies have the lion's share in the global outsourcing market and compete with leading multinational suppliers across the IT solutions spectrum.

The advantages offered by India are:

India's IT Labor Pool and Export Focus:

  • Worldly renowned Indian technology institutes select and train the best IT minds

  • 115,000 Indian IT professionals graduate annually

  • Extensive experience in the IT business

  • 1 billion English-speaking population

Market and Services Expansion:

  • Over 3,000 Indian companies export software

  • Export relationships with more that 100 countries

  • Several leading Indian technology companies listed on the NYSE and the Nasdaq

  • Indian venture capitalists provide substantial funding for the country's IT business

Process Excellence as a Competitive Differentiator:

  • Several Indian companies assessed at ISO and SEI CMM quality levels

  • 24 Indian companies among the 49 CMM Level 5 certified companies worldwide

  • India, UK and U.S. have the highest number of independent SEI appraisers

Expertise in Web-based Solutions:

  • 230 Fortune 1000 companies already outsource to India

  • Highly innovative and cost-effective e-commerce solutions

  • Skilled Web application development incorporating the latest technologies

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