In an unpredictable economy, businesses need to counteract market changes with flexible innovative business strategies. The right partners will be the ones who stand by you in executing the response to these market changes. iSaRa offers you the following business models to ensure your competitive advantage in a changing marketplace. You have the option to combine one or more available models as part of your business strategy.

1) Time & Materials

Through the Time & Material Business Model, iSaRa offers its clients the flexibility to alter specifications based on upcoming market trends. This model is suitable for projects, which, are in their initial stage of development where specifications have not yet been clearly defined. The client pays an hourly development fee; which is a fee agreed mutually at the time of contract signing. Hence, the cost is determined by the amount of time and resources expended. The client may revise the size of the iSaRa team, and at the same time, optimize the cost and duration of the project.

2) Fixed Price

iSaRa follows a Fixed Price Business Model for projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules and project path. Under this business model, we work with our clients to define their expected deliverable outcomes to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. We leverage this model in areas where we have domain expertise and accurately defined evaluation processes to set up the resource devotion. iSaRa's focus is to deliver consistency and excellence in executing projects in a timely and, cost efficient fashion.

3) Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model

iSaRa has a state-of-the-art development center in India, which enables its clients to leverage the technical expertise of India and the business agility of the U.S. Through this model we serve our clients with highly experienced professionals with varied skill sets, resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages allowing them to enjoy the long term gains of offshore outsourcing. In other words, our offshore development center operates as an extension to clients' existing software engineering business. We strictly adhere to clients' business critical objectives while mutually considering the ideas, design validations, development processes, test plans and schedules for implementing the project under consideration.

For any further information about our relationship models, please contact us.

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